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punk visited the Fragment Hub
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Enchanted Blooming Roses
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Academy Wall
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Welcome To Connect
Connect is a fansite community focusing on bringing the hotel together through regular events and quests as well as Discord competitions and giveaways. We are owned by Cameron & furry. They are supported by our fantastic managament team. Together, this group of leadership oversees a staff team of 20+ members over a range of different departments: Events, Builders, Community and Site Articles.

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Whether you're an events fanatic (Snake Run, anyone?) or maze runner (Have you seen BoonAdventures' latest maze?!), we have everything you may need here at Connect. Ever wondered how to wire melting carpets or what the enable number for the lightsaber is? Our guides have got you covered.

What makes Connect unique? We have a custom economy that is fuelled by our hotel events (managed by ami & ashlmao) and quests. You can purchase hotel rares such as thrones, as well as cosmetic upgrades such as name colours and icons. This all happens on our community orientated Discord server. Learn more about it below!
Connect Discord
Connect's Discord server is the heart of our community and acts as a safe hub of chit chat for all players of the hotel. To ensure the safety our community members, we have a team of dedicated guides monitoring our chats at all times of the day.

. Our server also has exclusive giveaways, competitions, daily games and the latest announcements for all things Connect which our Community Managers, asteria & JHOMAS, keeps in check.

This individual, as well as our dedicated team of moderators, are jointly responsible for over 850 server members. It's the biggest Habboon community server around, so why not join us for free today?

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